Air2air with Heat Recovery

Air2air with Heat Recovery

Suitable for all types of commercial buildings, Biddle’s heat recovery technology has been proven at hundreds of sites throughout Europe. From supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores and DIY outlets, to hotels, schools, restaurants, sports halls, logistic centres and warehouses.

The Biddle unit improves air quality and reduces energy consumption using counterflow heat recovery technology. Waste heat is extracted from warm, polluted air as it leaves the building and transferred to cool fresh air as it flows in. The unit can work in isolation or in combination with the Building Management System Controller, or BMS system on site to automatically adjust the fan speed to maintain optimum air quality, based on data from CO2 sensors located within the building. With an air-to-air heat exchanger recovery efficiency rates of up 90% can be achieved.

Four models are available, the air2air HR12 (1200m3/h), air2air HR25 (2500m3/h), air2air HR35 (3500m3/h) and the air2air HR45 (4500m3/h). All these units can be used as a standalone solution in conjunction with a duct system in the building, or as part of a complete Biddle climate system together with:

  • The NOZ Range of energy-efficient air heater & coolers, which provide comfort in large rooms with high ceilings
  • Comfort Circle Cassettes, which combine heating, cooling & ventilation in one ceiling unit are ideal where a false ceiling is in place
  • The Biddle range of air curtains and fan coils

Fully compliant with the latest UK and European legislation, the Biddle system can reduce CO2 emissions associated with heating and ventilation by more than 90%. When used in conjunction with a renewable heat source, such as a heat pump, our products also cut energy generated from fossil fuels to zero, even during periods of peak demand.
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Why choose HR heat recovery?
  • Efficient energy use
  • Complete climate concept
  • Possible direct connection to other Biddle products
  • Fully compliant with legislations
Manual HR25/35/45
Manual HR12
CE declaration


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