Powerbreez Air Intake

The Powerbreez is equipped with a patented air intake. This results in the following advantages:

  • Reduced noise
  • Increased cooling

Patented technology
The air intake end of the traditional fan coil has been re-engineered, and the usual single inlet replaced by two smaller side inlets. This reflects noise back within the unit and splits the noise equally between the two side inlets. This bifurcated inlet reduces the noise from the inlet by circa 4dB compared with the noise from a fan coil with the usual single inlet. Anyone situated beneath a return air grille therefore only hears half the direct noise of that from a fan coil with the usual single inlet. Critical to the patent are the air vanes within each of the inlets which, as well as aiding the reflection of noise back within the unit, guide the direction of the air and ensure an even distribution across the heating/cooling coil.


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