Innovair Damper

The Innovair fresh air fan convector is equipped with an innovative damper technology. This results in the following advantages:

  • Precise introduction of fresh air
  • Draught free ventilation
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Energy savings

Controlled quantities of fresh air
Introducing controlled quantities of fresh air into rooms, such as classrooms, was always challenging. Traditional dampers in the back of fan convectors and fan coils operated in the part open position allowing some fresh air and some recirculation air into the room, but there was no way of controlling how much of each and preventing cold draughts.

Biddle’s damper technology solves this problem, allowing precise control of fresh air. The damper is set to, at any moment in time, be either fully open or fully closed. When it is fully open 100% fresh air is introduced and when it is fully closed no fresh air is introduced. By operating over a set time cycle of a few minutes, with the damper in the open position for some of the time and the open position for some of the time, the volume of fresh air introduced into the space can be precisely controlled.

Of course, if the precise quantity of fresh air that is needed is introduced into the room then there is no need to waste energy heating excess fresh air. And careful control of fresh air leads to increased comfort and reduced CO2.


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