Biddle Brings Climate Change To The Classroom


Britain's schools can now benefit from 21st centruy solution to classroom ventilation Biddle Air Systems is promoting a new version of its highly successful Innovair heat and ventilation unit. Innovair School has been specifically designed to comply with the latest regulations for fresh air ventilation…

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Biddle goes green


As one of Europe’s leading HVAC manufacturers Nuneaton based Biddle Air Systems Limited has always been aware of its responsibilities towards the public, customers, suppliers, employees and the environment. To confirm this, we developed an Environmental Management System for our business. In recognition…

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Ventilation For Schools Saves Money


The development by Biddle of the Innovair ‘School’ fresh air fan convector makes it simple for schools to meet the requirements of Building Bulletin 101 - ‘Ventilation of School Buildings’. BB101 took over the ventilation requirements from BB87 in April 2006, and calls for CO2 averaged over normal school…

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Air Curtains For Use With Condensing Boilers


Having recently introduced the dual fuel Invisidor CA Hybrid air curtain, Biddle Air Curtains have now further extended their range of award winning units, by introducing the Invisidor CITY CB range - specifically designed to operate with energy efficient condensing boilers and lower water temperatures.   Invisidor air…

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LST Fan Convector


Biddle Air Systems Limited have recently launched what they believe is the first low surface temperature (LST) fan convector. Manufactured at Biddle’s Nuneaton factory the Forceflow LST has been designed in responseto customers’ demands for a fan convector which guarantees a surface temperature of no…

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When Is A Door Not A Door


The very nature of public buildings is that they are public.  The high footfall and pedestrian traffic levels through museums, galleries, hospitals, civil offices and the like, demands considerable thought to entrance design.  Here, Andrew Saxon of Biddle Air Curtains provides a guide to the use of air…

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