Noz2 Cooling Provides Both Heating And Cooling From One Unit


CLIMATE CONTROL OFFERS COMFORT AND COST SAVINGS Biddle’s NOZ2 Cooling provides both heating and cooling functionality from one unit   The innovative NOZ2 Cooling technology, developed by industry leaders Biddle, has been designed to deliver a user-friendly and energy efficient cooling system for industrial,…

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A Breath of Fresh Air


Biddle Air Systems has transformed its corporate identity with a modern design that reflects the brand’s expertise in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. Carole Keane, Biddle marketing director, said: “The Biddle name is recognised and respected the world over as a leading…

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Even More Installation Convenience With The Doorflow Air Curtain


The DoorFlow maintenance-free air curtain has been a familiar sight in the Biddle climate separation range for many years.To improve the installation process as well as the correct operation of the air curtain, all water units are now equipped with a factory fitted 3-way valve as standard. As a result,…

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Fan Convectors Heat Quickly And Simply


Fan convectors have for many years been acknowledged as the simplest and most cost effective way of heating a room quickly. With minimal maintenance requirements, fan convectors rapidly distribute heat throughout a room whilst occupying less space than a radiator of equivalent output.Fan convectors have…

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Heating Solutions For Schools And Care Homes


For more than 50 years, the Biddle brand has been synonymous with heating and ventilation products. Our history of design and innovation has made us market leaders for Public sector heating solutions. When providing heating in public areas fan convectors are still one of the simplest and most cost effective…

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Optimal Climate Separation To Cold Stores With Biddle's Ambient IndAC2


Biddle’s IndAC­2 industrial air curtain guarantees an optimal climate separation to cold stores whilst maintaining a constant room temperature and preventing energy loss. The IndAC2 ambient (without heating) is suitable above a door between a front hall or loading bay and a cold store. The air curtain…

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High Efficiency Air Curtains Lead To 30% Energy Savings Study Shows


According to Energy News, Spanish researchers at the School of Construction and the School of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), have found that the use of high efficiency air curtains results in significant improvements in efficiency and energy saving. The aim of the study…

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New law prevents landlords renting out energy inefficient buildings


A new regulation has been passed making it illegal for landlords to rent out some of the UK's most energy inefficient properties, reports. Although the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) were first discussed back in 2010, the Conservative party's hesitancy to enforce more regulations…

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Improving Climate Control In Aircraft Hangars


Advances in technology are improving the conditions of aircraft hangers, as well as the costs involved in running them. A recent aviation report carried out by Burns & McDonnell reveals some of the ways that airport operators can utilise these new technologies – such as improved climate control - to…

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Improving Employee Safety With Air Curtains


The major benefit of using air curtains is significantly reduced energy usage, thus saving businesses money whilst improving their green credentials. However, as an article on the Berner website highlights, air curtains can also provide a low-cost way to improve employee safety levels in the workplace. Drive-through…

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