Ventilation For Schools Saves Money

The development by Biddle of the Innovair ‘School’ fresh air fan convector makes it simple for schools to meet the requirements of Building Bulletin 101 - ‘Ventilation of School Buildings’.

BB101 took over the ventilation requirements from BB87 in April 2006, and calls for CO2 averaged over normal school hours to not exceed 1500 ppm in classrooms with a noise level limit of 35 dBA for mechanical ventilation or 40 dBA for natural ventilation or mixed mode systems.

By introducing precise quantities of tempered fresh air into classrooms Innovair ‘School’ doesn’t just help schools satisfy this legislation but, using standard CO2 sensors, matches fresh air supply to occupancy levels, ensuring that the amount of fresh air that needs to be heated is no more than necessary.

And being a mixed mode system Innovair ‘School’ will always operate in natural ventilation mode unless the CO2 level rises in which case it operates in mechanical ventilation mode to introduce more fresh air. Thus, Innovair ‘School’ not only improves comfort for teachers and pupils but also saves the school money by minimising energy consumption and wastage.

Innovair ‘School’ is available as a floor mounted or ceiling recessed unit, with LPHW heating. One unit will ventilate, heat and free/night cool a typical classroom, even when used in conjunction with condensing boilers or ground source heat pumps.


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