LST Fan Convector

Biddle Air Systems Limited have recently launched what they believe is the first low surface temperature (LST) fan convector.
Manufactured at Biddle’s Nuneaton factory the Forceflow LST has been designed in response
to customers’ demands for a fan convector which guarantees a surface temperature of no greater than 43°C. Such a low surface temperature is considered to offer major safety benefits in environments such as nurseries, infant and special needs schools, and elderley people’s care homes.
Traditional fan convectors, which can have a surface temperature in excess of 50°C, are designed to rapidly distribute heat throughout a room. However if LST radiators, which typically have less heating capacity than a fan convector, are used as an alternative there often is not enough wall space available to install all the radiators necessary to heat the space.

Using Forceflow LST gives all the benefits of a traditional fan convector whilst maintaining a surface temperature, including that of the discharge grille, at or below 43°C. Indeed, with a heat output of 10kW at NR35, the heat output per metre length of the Forceflow LST is over twice that of equivalent LST radiators.

The performance of the Forceflow LST has been verified by BSRIA, who carried out two separate tests. The first confirmed the heat output and the second confirmed that no part of the surface had a temperature above 43°C. The Forceflow LST also complies with 1998’s NHS Estates Health Guidance Note ‘Safe Hot Water and Surface Temperatures’. And because of its innovative nature the product has a patent pending.
Further information about how the Forceflow LST controls both surface and room temperature, details of the styles available and performance data are all available from Biddle’s sales office at Nuneaton.


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