Dual Fuel air curtain

Biddle, already a respected name in air curtains, now has a new and innovative air curtain specifically developed for use with low grade hot water, ground source heat pumps, variable temperature heating circuits and underfloor heating applications.

The Invisidor CA Hybrid provides an energy saving ‘green heating’ means of preventing cold air entering the building and warm conditioned air from escaping – even when doors remain open and hot water heating capacity is limited.
The acclaimed patented rectifier technology remains an integral part of the new air curtain. This means the entire entrance environment benefits from a constant lamina flow, providing a conditioned comfort zone for visitors and employees alike.

But what sets the Invisidor CA Hybrid apart from conventional air curtains is that it automatically activates a secondary electric heating source whenever the hot water temperature falls below the optimum level. This ensures a constant discharge temperature and entrance environment comfort conditions are maintained in the most energy efficient way possible.

From a choice of four different sizes, in four different casing styles, the Invisidor CA Hybrid  is capable of providing over 21kW of LPHW heating (at 45/35°C) and 12kW of electric heating, to suit door heights of up to 3.3m.


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