Bringing Style to the High Street

The latest development in a long line of market leading air curtains, Invisidor STYLE, has been developed to bring not just performance benefits and energy savings but also high quality designer looks.

Architects, M&E designers and building owners are constantly looking for ways of enhancing the appearance of the entrance environment without compromising on performance. Responding to this demand the Invisidor Style combines the acknowledged technological expertise of Biddle with contemporary designer looks.

Available in brushed or bright stainless steel, or a painted finish, Invisidor STYLE has an eye-catching cylindrical profile and a distinctive perforated grille. Because it is modular in nature any door width can be covered, and buildings requiring vertical rather than horizontal air curtains can still use Invisidor STYLE to create a ‘top end’ designer look to the entrance environment.

Invisidor STYLE uses Biddle’s proven, patented rectifier to supply conditioned air at low speed with minimum turbulence, ensuring the air stream reaches the floor and doesn’t escape to the outside. Comfort within the entrance area is therefore enhanced without any energy wastage.

Whether using water or electric heating, an advanced energy saving controller - the ECONTROL – when combined with the Invisidor STYLE air curtain optimises energy savings. Operated either manually or automatically the ECONTROL will not just control air curtain performance but will also control comfort conditions in the entrance environment through energy saving adjustment of air volume and temperature. Timer clocks, door contact switches or room thermostats can still be linked to the air curtain for added flexibility.


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