Biddle Brings Climate Change To The Classroom

Britain's schools can now benefit from 21st centruy solution to classroom ventilation

Biddle Air Systems is promoting a new version of its highly successful Innovair heat and ventilation unit. Innovair School has been specifically designed to comply with the latest regulations for fresh air ventilation in Britain’s classrooms.
Innovair School (utilising LPHW and outside fresh air) will heat and ventilate a typical classroom, using just one unit.

Fully complying with BB93, BB101 & Part L2A & L2B of the Building Regulations Innovair School, whether BMS or non-BMS control, uses a CO2 sensor to automatically ensure that at all times the most energy efficient means of maintaining comfort conditions is employed. This means, that in practice, Innovair School operates as a Nat Vent unit unless comfort conditions (defined in terms of CO2 level and classroom temperature) deteriorate. It is only then that the fans will turn on to bring comfort conditions back within acceptable limits.

A further significant energy-saving advantage comes from the unit’s free and night-cooling capability as well as its compatibility with ground-source heat pump boilers/chillers. An integral inlet attenuator reduces an exterior noise level of 60dBA to an internal noise level of 35dBA (or circa NR31) - removing the risk of noise disturbance during studies.

Innovair School is easy to install and available in either a horizontal or vertical recessed/chassis or cased configuration.

Announcing the nationwide launch of Innovair School, Biddle’s Andrew Saxon said, “In line with our leading-edge climate control developments over the last two decades, we have developed a product which has been designed and engineered specifically to comply with the latest regulatory requirements for the classroom environment. It is highly efficient, robust and versatile and can easily be installed in existing building infrastructure. A number of UK schools have already installed Innovair School and are very pleased with it’s ability to energy efficiently control comfort whatever outside conditions.”


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