The effectiveness of air curtains against insects

At best, flying insects successfully entering buildings a continuous inconvenience for many public spaces – with flies, mosquitoes and wasps irritating customers, creating an uncomfortable environment and damaging the reputation of a brand. At worst, the presence of insects becomes a source of serious contamination and a risk to health.

Biddle’s objective is to stop insects from gaining initial access into buildings. In partnership with the Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology of INRA, Biddle conducted a study into the effectiveness of air curtains in reducing the successful entry of insects into an area. Dr. Luc Belzunces, Director of Research, published the results in the international research journal: Pest Management Science.

Key benefits of air curtains with Biddle's rectifier technology in the protection against insect entry includes:

  • 99.9% of insect entries avoided 
  • Maintaining good food and sanitary hygiene   
  • Creating a comfortable working environment   
  • Repelling insects without use of chemicals   
  • Effective climate separation

Read the case study here


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