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Rapid heat distribution

Fan convectors have for many years been acknowledged to be one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of heating a room quickly. With minimal maintenance requirements fan convectors rapidly distribute heat throughout a room whilst occupying much less wall space than a radiator of equivalent output.

Available in 19 styles as standard, and many more variants when requested, the Forceflow 900 series incorporates a non-handed casing and increased internal space for speedier installation. Suitable for mounting almost anywhere on the wall or ceiling – either as an exposed/cased or concealed/recessed unit – Forceflow is available with many accessories and control options.

Specifications Model Forceflow
Styles Over 19 variants
Heating Medium LPHW
Controls Thermostats and fan speed switches, plus other options


  • Quick heat up
  • Good heat distribution 
  •  Many different styles 
  •  Simple to install 
  •  Control options